We are happy to have a cooperative and professional team to serve you.

  • Doctor/Clinic Director: Dr. Cecilia M. Patton, D.C.
  • Office Manager/I.T. Director: Darren Patton
  • Front Desk/New Patient Assistant: Wendy Morales-Ramirez
  • Traction Assistant: Kamilia Schnacker
  • Class IV Deep Tissue Laser Technician: Rebecca Erickson

Skills Summary Of Dr. Cecilia Patton

  • Doctor of Chiropractic
  • Seminar Instructor
  • College Instructor at Life Chiropractic West 2003-2004
  • Certified Distinguished Fellow of Chiropractic Biophysics
  • Certified Doctor of Whiplash and Brain Traumatology
  • Owner & Clinic Director


  • Life University College of Chiropractic, Marietta, GA
  • Doctor of Chiropractic, March 2001 Cum Laude
  • School of Undergraduate, September 1997 Academic High Honors
  • Chiropractic Biophysics Seminars - ongoing since 1998
  • Exercise Seminars for Patient Instruction in Kettlebell Training - March, May, and June 2003
  • H. J. Ross Insurance Seminars - March 2003
  • Whiplash and Brain Traumatology, Parts I-IV through Spine Research Institute of San Diego, 2007
  • Non-Violent Communication Seminar, 2009
  • Class IV Deep Tissue Laser Therapy Certification, October 2010

Personal Professional Objectives

  • Provide advanced and clinically relevant spine care for patients by detecting and correcting their spine misalignments & the associated nerve interference.
  • Offer caring and individually focused treatment.
  • Keep healthcare cost affordable for people of all walks of life.
  • Return people to their work (whether home, school, or work) safely and as quickly as reasonably possible.
  • Educate on how chiropractic care is science-based and an amazing way to regain and maintain the health of their musculoskeletal frame.
  • Refer patients to other providers when appropriate.
  • Teach people how to improve their daily posture and ergonomics while at work, school, exercise, sports, or home.
  • Utilize positive and honest communication skills to create a healthy work environment.
  • Continually enhance and advance my clinical knowledge and experience with the newest research.
  • Be inspired by others in my community.
  • Empower myself with courage and self-compassion.