I would describe the treatment I have received at Fine Spine as amazing, fantastic, great, awesome!

In the early 80's, I began having constant back pain, which was diagnosed as Fibromyalgia in 1991 (no known cause or cure). In 2009, my lower back pain became so severe that I had to use a wheelchair and use a parking permit for the handicapped. The pain restricted our travel to and from Klamath Falls where our daughter and son-in-law live and our grandchildren and now three great grandsons. I also had to stop fishing with my husband because the boat ride caused too much pain. After the first 12 weeks of care, I no longer had lower back pain or Fibromyalgia. I am now able to travel more and see the kids and great grandkids. No more handicapped parking sticker, and I have reduced pain meds to little or none. I would describe the treatment I have received at Fine Spine as amazing, fantastic, great, awesome, etc! That goes for the staff as well. If you have any doubts about the treatments, go in and watch, listen to the patients, and ask questions (everyone in the place will help). And I learned to love ice! Rebecca Huckaba, Brookings, OR, age 64


I had an old injury that left my right arm very painful at the shoulder and bicep. The pain limited my everyday activities! Once I decided to do chiropractic treatment, I followed instructions and did what the Doctor said. I received treatments from Dr. Patton - massage, laser, ice packs. I was a skeptic but I now have full range of motion, sleep better, etc. It works! I am amazed! Jane Turner, Brookings, age 68

"Nothing is wrong, maybe if you lose some weight"

I spent two years going from medical doctor to medical doctor because of pain in my side, which radiated pain up and down my spine, getting the same answer… "Nothing is wrong, maybe if you lose some weight". The physical and mental exhaustion from the pain was part of why I couldn't work out and gained the weight. It was difficult to walk long distances, my knees felt like they were going out and my head felt like I could not hold it up. At my wit's end I made an appointment to see Dr. Patton in September 2009. Since then Dr. Patton and her qualified staff have helped me to un-kink and correct my spine using spinal rebuilding treatments that have resulted in a 75% improvement from my past spinal injuries. The pain has been almost totally alleviated! I am continuing to do maintenance treatment to keep my spine corrected and will be starting the Power Plate exercises to help bring me to my proper body weight. Thank you, Dr. Patton and your team for the support and work you have provided to help me feel good again. Now I can enjoy the smell of the roses! Lorie Poole, Crescent City, age 45

With Numbness & Pain Gone My Strength Returned!

The Fine Spine Team & Dr. Patton are here to help you. They are friendly and Dr. Patton makes you feel right at home, listening when you tell her about your pains and problems. I saw Dr. Patton because I had pain all over, a numb right hand with a weak grip, & neck and back pain. I didn't know that with chiropractic care she could help me get rid of the numbness in my leg and foot too, so I didn't think to tell her about it. With chiropractic care at Fine Spine that problem was fixed too. Now after we rebuilt my spine, I can walk and stand without pain or my leg feeling like it's dead, and I have a strong grip on my razor and coffee cup again! Rod DeArman, Crescent City, age 52

There is still HOPE!

When I first called for an appointment I figured my results would be just like the other chiropractors I've been to, but I had no idea how much better my care would be. If you told me then that it would be the beginning of a new me I would have said you were crazy!! I never thought I would be pain-free ever again, after feeling constant aching and throbbing in my neck and back for 5 years. My back hurt constantly and it was affecting my ability to care for my toddler. It may surprise you to hear this because I wasn't even aware of it, but many of my emotional ups and downs stemmed from my pain. I was depressed, and had no hope for a better future. Dr. Patton used a balanced personal approach and showed me a clear roadmap on how we would get my back healthy again. After just a few visits I felt totally committed to working with Dr. Patton. During my spinal rebuilding treatment I could really feel the changes in my body, and it was such a relief. Later I was convinced after seeing my spinal alignment and posture restored by comparing my "before and after x-rays." So in less than 6 months time I took control of my body, and got my independence and my life back! Honestly, Dr. Patton's spinal care class and detailed explanations help you understand your body. The whole team at her office cares about each person and makes everyone feel welcome. The open atmosphere allows you to connect with other patients if you want. We can share in each other's achievements, and encourage newcomers that there is hope. Amy Eberwein, Crescent City, age 25