Burn fat, increase your bone density, improve your balance and power, and much more with the Acceleration Training offered by our Power Plates. All for just a regular monthly gym fee of $35, and in just 3 days per week for 20 minutes or less!

Power Plate technology was first developed through NASA for Astronauts, and later used by professional and Olympic athletic teams. Serious athletes have long used the Power Plate to improve their performance. Yet the people that can most benefit from acceleration training are ordinary men and women seeking to function better in their everyday lives.

Whether you want to lose weight, regain flexibility, improve your bone density, improve core stabilization, develop speed or simply feel good again, the Power Plate exercise has the science to prove it can do all that and more. This is an exercise that will continue to reap benefits in years to come.

Experience ease, greater ability, and physical stability from the only Power Plate Workout available on the North Coast. Call Fine Spine today at 707-465-4499 to reserve your 20 minute workout time!