Chiropractic Care

When you go to the chiropractor you have options. Different techniques are available in different offices, so the type of care you get depends on who you see and what technique they think is best. What you should know about coming to see me, Dr. Patton, is that I utilize many different styles to adjust your spine and work your muscles. The style depends on what is comfortable to each person, individually. The discovery of what is comfortable to you is found by testing and communicating how your body responds. I always teach, "I am confident and know what I'm doing, but I cannot experience how you feel so I need you to tell me. The distinguishing factor between myself and most chiropractors is the way I get your spine to regain its natural and healthy form. The analysis and science I use is better, that's why the results are better!

In my office I don't choose your treatment plan for you. I give you options and you choose. For people that choose "Pain Relief plus Spinal Retraining care... you choose to control your health care by using symptom relief, combined with a measurement plan to know when your spine alignment is healthy again. Just like you would with blood pressure. You let me measure and check it with X-rays after a successful round of treatment. Then we review the results together.

A natural and healthy spinal posture and position takes the tension out of and the pressure off of your vital nerves, this gets you out of pain, and that's why a healthy spine is important.

Today's most advanced chiropractic science on how to help someone rebuild their spine back to healthy is called Chiropractic Biophysics®. They have developed standard protocols and treatments for rebuilding the spine which removes stress from the nerves. All of the treatment we do in our office is based on research. Only the be...for the best!

Using the Chiropractic Biophysics® standard means I use specific spinal measurements followed by specific treatment procedures to help you get your health back. I use a variety of tables, treatment instruments, and techniques to get the result you need. I request that you and I figure out which of these work best for you and your body. Just because I'm the doctor doesn't mean I can experience what you feel, so I rely on you to tell me how your body responds, and when we listen to your body you'll have a better experience.

I deal with simple and straight-forward cases, and also very challenging cases. Because we are using a standard for our care, it becomes clear quickly whether I can help you or whether I should refer you to a different specialist. I promise to do everything I can to help you, and if I can't I will refer you to someone who can.

Healthy Spine Position on X-rays should be:

From the front view your spine should be a straight line, and on side view X-rays there should be three curves. One forward sloping curve in the neck, one backward curve in the mid back, and one forward curve in the low back.

From the front view your posture should be balanced, your shoulders rolled back and level, hips level, rib cage centered over your hips, your head centered over the notch at the base of your throat, and your chin held up slightly.

From the side view your ear, shoulder, hip joint, and ankle joint should all line up.

It matters because with a good position your spinal cord and nerves are relaxed, proper blood flow, and nutrition is available to your spin...without a healthy starting position everything is stressed out!! And if you haven't already guess... stress on your nerves is a bad thing. So make a health goal to know whether you have stress on your nervous system or not!! An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! It's time to get rid of your spinal stress, and do it now while you still can!!